Jack Talks

Jack talks will be speaking about recognizing the signs and symptoms of mental illness, how and when to get help and how to erase stigma attached to mental health.


Ji Youn Kim and The Tipping Point

Ji Youn Kim is the founder of the Tipping Point and is spear heading a movement to create a greater dialogue surrounding mental health and academia.


WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre

The RCC will becoming in to talk about the effects of sexual assault on individuals mental health and what resources there are for individuals and family members that are going through this trauma.


Meditation and Mental Health

Yoga therapy is used as part of a treatment plan to help individuals that are dealing with a wide variety of problems, such as anxiety. We are excited to have Anita Cheung, a yoga therapist and the co-founder of MOMENT meditation, to give a key note speech regarding meditation and mental health.